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Autoloader Jet is a both php command-line and php class file that generates, and load classes for php project's. Autoloader Jet uses AutoLoadOne as a tool to autoload classes and files in command line, using the command simple in command line. Autoloader Jet is yet to release a autoloading scheme for command modern in command line for autoloading. The coolest thing about Autoloader Jet is that, it's not just a command line tool but has functions that can be used in php projects. Autoloader Jet is compatible with any php projects.

Autoloader Jet console side was built with Console-Lite.


Composer projects Guide

Procedural projects Guide

INFO: Maintaince for version 1.3 has ended.

Features of Autoloader Jet

Replacement to Composer's Autoload, rendering obsolete the use of psr-0 or psr-4.

Has Composer Autoload Like Features.

Compatible with practically any php project.

It doesn't require APCU, lock files or cache.

Just like Composer, Autoloader Jet Uses loader.json.

And so much more, okay let's dig in.

How To / Usage

This is how the commandline inteface looks like.

It was runned using the Terminus electron app.


Avaliable Commands

Type this command to know more about a command: bash php autoloader [command] --help Type this command to enable color: bash php autoloader [command] --color Type this command to disable color: bash php autoloader [command] --no-color - about -> Displays about information. - list -> Displays a list of commands. - loader -> Incharge of generating and validating loader.json. - modern -> Yet to be released. - simple -> Uses AutoloadOne. - version -> The application's version. - welcome -> A greeting message.

Each command your type, has help to guide you through.